Rules of behavior

Rules of behavior

Rules of behavior
Rules of behavior

In order to respect all the animals present in the International Sanctuary of Cetaceans, the first regulation that we have given is that of not disturbing them, following these fundamental rules:

1) do not hinder the normal movement of cetaceans, modify their behavior or commit actions that potentially cause a reaction

2) not chasing the cetaceans, or heading on them directly: once spotted, trace routes to let them approach our boat

3) not react to the presence of cetaceans with sudden changes of course or speed, which could confuse or disorient them

4) avoid moving close to cetaceans with calves unless they choose to approach our boat

There are also three small rules that we ask passengers to follow:

a) avoid sudden movements from one side of the ship to the other

b) do not make noises that may annoy or scare the animals (shout, whistle, run, clap, etc.)

c) do not throw anything into the sea and do not give food to cetaceans or birds: the sea is not a zoo nor a waste container

All rules of conduct are explained to passengers at the beginning of each excursion by our scientific staff, during an interesting lesson in marine biology also useful to begin to know the cetaceans and the birds of the Pelagos Sanctuary. Participants are also provided with information on how to report sightings, to allow everyone to become a whale watcher and therefore an "active part" of the research phase.